Our Jayvee President

Clark GableFor the life of me I am amazed at the pundits lack of willingness to read and understand the book which is the step by step blueprint to destroy America.  This book is Blah Blah Oblahma’s Bible and he is following it with a zeal! The book is Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals. Blah Blah Oblahma is not the only advocate of Alinsky’s ideas. Hillary Clinton has also studied at length his philosophy about how to take over and control places similar to America. Blah Blah Oblahma is a First String player when it comes to imposing Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals on America!

When Blah Blah’s term is over he will have left America as a shell of our former status. We will be very deep in debt. We will be more racially divided than we have been for years. While our military may still be the strongest and best in the world they will be dramatically weakened. And we will have to begin to lead in the 3rd World War, a position that we are not accepting at this time. We will have a country with a very high percentage of our population out of work and on the Dole!

I will submit to you the truth that Blah Blah is not disconnected from reality. He is letting the forces that we, under his direction have set into play all over the world.

The world is in the middle of the 3rd World War and we are just sitting on the sidelines. We must get into this war and if you want to read specific strategy then you should go here and read the strategy.  America is the only country in the world who can lead the world out of this Morass!

Another serious decision is that our Congress should get off their hands and impeach Oblahma and put him in jail for all of his treasonous actions.

Our Jayvee President By BillOReilly.com Staff – Thursday, Nov 19, 2015

“He seems disconnected from reality.” That declaration, used to describe President Obama, did not emanate from Charles Krauthammer or Ted Cruz. No, the words were those of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, and they were not refuted by his mostly liberal panel of regulars.

“The only strategy that’s working is the strategy that he tends to dismiss.” That damning analysis came not from Ralph Peters or John McCain, but from CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

Even many of President Obama’s most reliable supporters have awakened from their seven-year slumber. They can finally recognize that he is a commander-in-chief without a strategy, a president without a clue. The day before the Paris terror attacks, the president notoriously boasted that ISIS had been ‘contained.’ Then, after the attacks, he minimized the carnage as a ‘setback.’

But when the subject turned to accepting refugees from Syria, President Obama finally displayed some real anger. Not at ISIS or Assad or his own strategy, which many believe led directly to the refugee crisis. The president’s palpable ire was directed at Republicans and a few Democrats who are calling for at least a pause in accepting refugees from Syria.

The GOP, he said derisively, is ‘scared of widows and orphans.’ Truth is, Mr. President, a large swath of the world is scared of radical Islam, the ideology that dare not speak its name in your administration. And there is good reason for that fear. Just as the president was mocking his political rivals, the Islamists of Boko Haram were busy slaughtering 50 innocent civilians in Nigeria. Many of the dead were children. That bloodbath followed dual suicide bombings in Lebanon, the bombing of a Russian passenger jet in Egypt, and of course the Paris massacre.

Mr. Obama’s opponents are not afraid of widows and orphans but they are rightfully worried that his fecklessness has contributed to the growing violence. And many people, both at home and around the world, are also fearful of President Obama’s uncanny knack for ignoring reality. Earlier this year he said this to MSNBC: ‘There is probably less war and violence around the world today than there might have been thirty, forty years ago.’ The president went on to assure everyone that ‘things can get better.’

On that front he is absolutely correct. Things can get better, but not until the president has a radical change of heart. Let’s call it a ‘fundamental transformation,’ the kind he vowed to bring to the USA. Things may also improve if the next commander-in-chief is someone who can recognize the reality of the world as it exists, not the fantasy of what he or she wishes the world to be.

In two weeks President Obama will be back in his comfort zone, talking about the dire consequences of ‘climate change’ at a massive international environmental junket. If the past is any indication, he will declare ‘climate change’ to be the biggest threat facing the world today. But this year the conference just happens to be in Paris, whose shell-shocked residents know better. In fact, anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders understands that the biggest threat we face comes from the terrorists of radical Islam, not the possibility of a slightly warmer atmosphere.

The subhuman savages of the Islamic State, through their repeated atrocities, have declared war on the West. The time has come for the West to realize we are engaged in a full-scale fight against a determined and brutal opponent.

The butchers can be defeated, but we will have to be just as determined, just as brutal. And let’s face it, we are in desperate need of a commander who can change strategy when necessary, someone who is strong and resolute and relentless.

ISIS is not just a jayvee team, far from it. And to defeat this malignancy, the West requires a leader who is not just a jayvee quarterback. That may sound harsh; it also happens to be true.

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An Education is a Privilege not a RIGHT!

Clark GableThe treatise below by Bill O’Reilly and his staff came at exactly the correct time because I was just settling down to talk about this further travesty to America which has been caused by our Colleges and Universities! When I use the phrase Colleges and Universities I don’t mean all of them, but I do believe that the majority have lots of bad eggs in their midst. The bad eggs that exist are and will continue to create a very bad stench in this country. We are actually paying people to educate our children in the art of ANARCHY.

The problem has also been caused by Blah Blah Oblahma, his administration, Al Sharpton and Blah Blah’s other favorite race baiters.

By this time all people should be aware that Blah Blah’s bible is Saul D. Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” I cannot verify this but have heard reports that many Universities are now actually teaching this terrible philosophy.

About 20 years ago my wife and I took a drive to a new college that had recently been built close to our home. That college was  the California State University at San Marcos. During our short visit we went into the University book store. About the only books I could find there were books on multiculturalism. I was unable to find any books about America or our history. When we left I told my wife that things were going to get very bad in our country in the future. I actually told her that as bad as it sounded we were going to see rioting and destruction in the streets of our cities. And that we would see very bad things happen at and in our colleges and universities!

Our colleges and universities have been espousing very little of substance except multiculturalism and political correctness!  I cannot verify this but have heard reports that many Universities actually teach this horrible philosophy of Saul Alinsky. Those that do obviously believe that “Rules For Radicals” goes hand in hand with multiculturalism and political correctness!

The radical Progressive Liberals who have been teaching this crap have been too stupid to understand that it could backfire on them and on the less fortunate in our society! Most college students today are probably better educated about this meaningless drivel than they are about our history and our constitution. IF YOU TEACH AND PREACH ANARCHY YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS INEVITABLE THAT YOU WILL CREATE ANARCHY AND YOU WILL PROBABLY PAY THE PRICE PERSONALLY!

The following paper by Bill O’Reilly and his staff states the problem quite well but I will make some personal comments on the paper. These comments will be highlighted for ease of reading and so that you know what Bill et al wrote and what I wrote.  At the end of his paper I will put forth some of the things I would do if I was in charge of these problem schools!

Fascism 101 – By BillOReilly.com Staff – Thursday, Nov 12, 2015

It took a mere instant for Melissa Click to establish herself as the scowling, angry face of left-wing intolerance on college campuses. Click, of course, is the University of Missouri professor who requested ‘some muscle’ to help remove a journalist who was documenting a protest.  

She was doing this even though the journalist was not breaking any laws and was within his rights. He stood his ground pretty well but was forcibly pushed back from where she was! She has since apologized (to whom I do not know) and has resigned from her job!

The scene may have reminded movie fans of Frankie Pientangeli begging Michael for ‘muscle’ to get rid of those nasty Rosato brothers in The Godfather Part II.

But back to reality and the sad fact that there are thousands of Melissa Clicks on our campuses. They are desperately searching for some excuse, any excuse, to use their two favorite words: ‘Shut up!’ If you disagree with them on any number of issues – race, climate change, radical Islam, immigration, even Halloween costumes – these modern Mussolinis demand that you just keep quiet.

As a slight bow to the First Amendment, some schools have actually set up tiny and obscure ‘free speech zones,’ reserved for lonely outcasts who wish to express an opinion not in line with prevailing doctrine.

This has been a foolish needless procedure because the entire property of any public college is a free speech zone.

Speaking of the Bill of Rights, it seems a lot of self-styled ‘progressives’ would prefer that it be cut by about 20%. Of course the Second Amendment is always, pardon the expression, under fire. And now the First Amendment and its guarantee of freedom of expression has become an enemy to many on the left.

After all, if Madison, Jefferson, and their comrades had not stressed the importance of unfettered speech, we could emulate those European nations where it is a crime to insult certain groups, especially religions that begin with the letter ‘I.’

So now we witness students at the University of Missouri demanding, and obtaining, the scalp (sorry!) of the school’s president. He was guilty of ‘inaction’ or some such crime against humanity. Meanwhile, at Yale, a professor was viciously and verbally abused by students for worrying that universities ‘have become places of censure and prohibition.’

Amid the chaos there are a few glimmers of hope. An editorial at Harvard called out the Yalies as ‘fascists,’ and The Daily Princetonian also ran a piece ridiculing the Yale protesters. But Yale’s president cowered in fear and wrote some jibberish about ‘fostering diversity.’ Truth is, there are few species in this world more cowardly than campus administrators. Their knee-jerk reaction to controversy is to apologize, form committees, and speak platitudes.

This is also true of government politicians, they just run around speaking about the problems in our country but doing little or nothing about those problems. They are brilliant at espousing problems but not very good at developing solutions.

Want to understand what’s going on at some of our leading institutions of higher learning? Look no farther than Ithaca College in New York State, where every year of indoctrination costs parents north of $50,000. The school has proudly announced it will shell out vast sums on a diversity plan that includes a ‘safe space’ for multicultural students. Ithaca also created the new position of ‘Chief Diversity Officer.’ The salary has not been made public, but no doubt it is well into the six figures. Placating angry mobs doesn’t come cheap.

After that diversity issue is fully resolved, Ithaca may wish to revisit its nickname. ‘Bombers’ has a very militaristic tone, reminding one of the B-52s that were American tools of hegemonic and patriarchal oppression during the Cold War. Well, maybe they can fight the mascot wars another day.

The point has been made that today’s students, especially those attending elite schools, were raised to believe that America has generally been an oppressive and unfair place. Many administrators pretty much agree with that notion – after all, you don’t climb the slippery academic ladder by wearing a U.S. flag on your lapel. Patriotism is just so yesterday!

And now it’s time for universities to begin the process of inviting high-profile commencement speakers, and to consider which eminent folks are worthy of honorary degrees. In both cases, conservative thinkers are pretty much off limits. Why stir up the young fascists and give them another reason to protest and lament ‘their pain?’

Outside speakers have actually been one of the problems causing this Anarchy.  As an example Bill and Hillary Clinton have made small fortunes peddling their bullshit while walking away with thousands of dollars. It boggles the mind that university money can be used to pay thousands of dollars to hear them and others like them for making 20 to 30 minute speeches!  

There can be absolutely no doubt that the modern university, with its ‘safe spaces’ and ‘trigger warnings’ and ‘micro-aggressions,’ has been created by the radical left. And now, to borrow from Reverend Wright, these fascistic chickens have come home to roost.

All of this chaos brings to mind the famous Pottery Barn rule that was invoked by Colin Powell when talking about Iraq. That same rule now applies to progressives and the world of academia. ‘You broke it … you own it!’

Now what are some simple solutions that should be taken when any college or university begins to have this problem?

Please understand that if actions are not taken we will see more of the anarchy currently happening. We are probably going to see some colleges in this country burning, some possibly to the ground and probably sooner than later. Those in charge of our colleges and universities should follow these few simple rules relative to their facilities.

  1. Identify the problem, and especially those causing the problems including the faculty members teaching and preaching this Anarchy!  And stop hiring anarchists as teachers or instructors.
  2. Then make a determination of those students in the anarchist group on college scholarships.
    1. Inform them that because they don’t seem to want to attend this college as it has been established that their scholarships are being cancelled and they are being expelled.
      1. They have every right to free speech but they do not have the right to attempt to overthrow the colleges hierarchy especially if they are being granted scholarships! This is tantamount to being paid to disrupt all other students education.
    2. In essence send them back home to their parents. Before actually cancelling their scholarships and sending them home give them one chance to mend their ways.
    3. This process also includes all athletes on scholarship  who are supporting anarchy movements on their school (as was done recently at the University of Missouri). They should be treated the same way. One warning and then cancel the scholarships and send them home. You may lose a few games but you may be able to retain your college!
    4. Stop inviting and paying known radicals to come to the college and lecture to the students. If your professors and instructors are not sufficient to teach the students you should close down your institution.
    5. Let’s face it nearly all of our colleges have been infected with the Progressive, liberal, communist thought processes and until some semblance of reason and balance is brought back to our colleges the anarchists will overcome. Those at the top in these colleges will not last and the institutions will be run by the crazies! The inmates are now very close to having the power to run the ASYLUMS!

It really is time to begin to teach again the greatness of America and to teach the importance of a TRUE EDUCATION! I will not ask you to rid the campus of all of Saul Alinsky’s writing but I will ask you to stop teaching it as the Gospel to our way of life. We have had to endure an Administration with this latest POTUS and his administration who actually believe these Alinsky’s crazy but effective procedures for destroying the GREATEST NATION EVER ON THIS EARTH!

Recently I wrote about the travesty happening to an assistant football coach in Bremerton, Washington. Hopefully you can see that these two Blog postings are related. When the anarchists win the good people in our society will be those punished, not the criminals and the anarchists! You can take a look at this travesty at this location; Read that Blog posting here

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OK – Enough is Enough! Time to GET TOUGH!

Clark Gable

For a long time now a Marine Combat Veteran who is an  assistant coach in Bremerton Washington has been going to the 50 yard line after every game and kneeling on one knee and giving a personal prayer to God! He has not made this a practice for the players but after a while many of them have followed him after every game to the 50 yard line and gave their own personal prayers! He has even had other coaches, and some spectators begin to follow him and make it their own personal business to offer a prayer to God. I have no idea about what they each pray for or about and frankly it is none of my business nor is it anybody else’s business. It is THEIR PERSONAL BUSINESS!

Travesty Coach Kennedy being interviewed by a Seattle TV station recently

Now it seems that some jackass has made it his or her business to complain about this beautiful sight of people volunteering some thoughts to God after every Bremerton High School football game. They simply do not want God even considered on school (public) property! I can tell you for sure that this idea really pisses me off and it should do the same to you. It has been going on for too long now and must be stopped dead in it’s tracks with all the other pompous POLITICAL CORRECTNESS promoted by jackasses currently trying to stir up trouble!

This coach has been ordered to stop this action, but because the action is more important to him than the order he has not stopped.

“District Statement: The District cannot allow an employee while still on duty to engage in religious conduct or display that a reasonable observer, aware of the context, would perceive as district endorsement of religion.”

The Bremerton Superintendent, Aaron Leavell, ED.D has also issued this statement to the Assistant Coach which is “Faith Under Fire” “You violated those directives by engaging in overt, public and demonstrative religious conduct while still on duty.” At this time he was also placed on unpaid Administrative Leave!

It is unconscionable that this could happen in this country to a Marine Combat Veteran, currently employed as an Assistant High School Football Coach! And it also shows clearly to what extent POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is taking it’s toll on our Constitution and on our Freedom in this country.

It is important that you understand what has happened here. The Coach (a Marine Combat Veteran) was doing something that was important to him and not teaching or forcing the players to follow suit! He had been doing it for years! This coach works for the school. He has access to the halls of the school, schoolrooms, locker rooms and the playing field. He could easily walk out to the 50 yard line after every game and stand quietly while praying to God and nobody would have been the wiser. But, no he bends his knee and prays to God and others follow and pray to God and he is punished. It is sad to me that responsibility is given to people like Aaron Leavell, ED.D! This is a man given the responsibility for educating our children and for taking care of Public Property paid for by local citizens and he makes this kind of decision. What a TRAVESTY!

One or possibly a very few people complained even though he was not hurting them or anyone else and he is told to cease and desist! He refuses and is further hurt by The Peoples School System! This is just “flat out” wrong and should not occur in our country! What he did and what the people who followed him did was a beautiful thing and we do not want that kind of beautiful thing destroyed.

This is the danger of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, it allows any jackass who doesn’t like something to complain and some other jackass jumps through hoops for the complainer when he should have just told the complainer  he/she should just take a hike! I don’t care if the complainer is an Atheist, an Agnostic, or just a trouble maker. They can believe any way they want in this country, but they must understand that others are allowed that same FREEDOM in this country also. They do not have to participate! But we have the right to pray anywhere we choose to do so! This great country was founded on Christian principles!

We have groups of people currently marching on property owned by the public who are advocating the killing of law enforcement officers and nothing is done to stop their activity! Then an assistant coach along with other people kneels down to pray on property owned by the public and he is severely punished. We cannot let this kind of dichotomy to continue to happen in this great country or we will no longer be a great country!

I don’t know who is responsible for the complaint against this activity. But I can assure that person or those people who did it should be extremely ashamed of themselves and they should begin to pray to God for forgiveness! Coach Kennedy now must resort to the hiring of a lawyer and fighting this case in the courts if he wants to get his job back. This is the type of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS which is causing our country to need to be such a litigious society! BALDERDASH!!!

Political Correctness is killing this country and it is causing us to take our eye off the REAL BALL! So now it is time to talk about the other end of the spectrum. The rampant disregard for life and property in this great country of ours while at the same time punishing those for private and personal actions protected in our Constitution must be stopped!

In order to properly pose this problem we must start with the facts that all of our major cities and even some not considered major are loaded with gangs. These gangs are of all types and nationalities. They sell dope, they rob and plunder and cause all of the cities enormous problems. These gangs fight amongst themselves beating and killing other gang members. And while doing all of their mayhem they beat and kill many innocent victims. How many times have you seen on the TV or read in the news about small innocent children losing their lives because of the stray bullets from one of the gang “drive by” shosotings? Needless to say it is in our news much too frequently. So what can we do about this?

I will hazard a guess that every police system in every town or city with any gang or gangs can list for you the names of every member of these gangs and their hierarchy. I will hazard another guess that unless the police system in every town or city is inept they will be able to tell you about not only the gangs but any of the criminal element that resides in their community! So we must ask the question, if that is the case then why can’t we put a stop to the needless killing and wanton law breaking that is so damn prevalent. I am sick to death of every time I turn on the TV news I am blasted with an important News Alert that is usually about somebody being killed somewhere in this beautiful country of ours.

We all know that the answer is simple but nothing gets done. Our current POTUS has made it his responsibility to create problems between every class of people living here! Our law enforcement people are being vilified not only by blacks but by many others! These law enforcement people know who is in the gangs, they know who is selling drugs, they know who is pimping for prostitutes and probably have a pretty good idea where most of the illegal weapons are in their towns and cities (at least they have a pretty good idea of just who is likely to carrying). For your information this kind of knowledge is called INTELLIGENCE and is important in every form of warfare!

In order to stop the nonsense going on in this country law enforcement could simply take these gangs off the street and save thousands of lives. So why don’t they. These are the problems when the liberal/Socialist/Communist thinking begins to get a hold in a country. This allows POLITICAL CORRECTNESS to get such a hold that our laws begin to protect the outlaws more than the populace and the victims.

As expected the first thing PROGRESSIVES want to do is take all the guns away from law abiding citizens. And of course then we know that the only people in the country with guns will be the criminal element! And we all know that this just isn’t going to be allowed in this country.

PROBABLE CAUSE, may be two of the nastiest POLITICAL CORRECTNESS words ever uttered and they are at the heart of everything wrong with our criminal justice system. I don’t know what judge first uttered them but when they did they turned the tide in favor of the criminals in this beautiful country of ours! In order to take these criminals off the street the police must rove PROBABLE CAUSE. To prove this to Liberal Judges can be nearly impossible in this day and age.

To get the approval to take down these gangs and criminals and put them behind bars where they belong is nearly impossible. Our law enforcement people have to jump through hoops just to do their jobs. So what happens? The gangs run wild, doing everything they want to do. Unhappy people blame the police and then they demonstrate on public property. And many times their demonstrations include robbing, looting and burning down buildings. And this is usually done with very little consequence to the culprits.

So let me see if I understand this?


But If we rob, kill, sell dope, sell children, rape, beat, demonstrate which includes robbing, burning and looting and requesting death to our cops we get very little or no punishment!

Is it possible that POLITICAL CORRECTNESS  has become more important in America than LAW AND ORDER?

But remember that Law and Order is the most important requirement for any country to embrace in order to be classified as a CIVILIZED COUNTRY!


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It’s The Economy, Stupid CNBC!

Clark GableAt aged 83 I have watched many political debates and I can assure you that this was the worst I have ever seen. Not because of the participants but because of the moderators.

The participants actually ended up giving some very good presentations but the moderators were dismal. I left CNBC a long time ago because their presentations were getting too damn ideologue driven and not substantive enough. I went to Fox Business Network where I could hear both sides of an issue! And have been much happier with the information I hear ever since.

The following was written by Bill O’Reilly and his staff and I certainly agree with the bulk of it. The main stream media in this country has truly become appalling!

By BillOReilly.com Staff – Thursday, Oct 29, 2015

Let’s get this straight. On Wednesday morning a new national poll revealed that 54% of Americans rate the economy as ‘poor.’ That’s after nearly seven years of Barack Obama’s big government solutions. Republicans, of course, are especially gloomy about the economy.

That was Wednesday morning, teeing things up for CNBC, the self-described ‘world leader in business news.’ Surely the moderators would flood the zone with substantive questions about the U.S. economy.

Instead, Becky Quick quizzed Marco Rubio about his ‘lack of bookkeeping skills,’ Carl Quintanilla posed questions about homosexuality and fantasy football, and the astonishingly incompetent John Harwood expressed doubt about Donald Trump’s ‘moral authority.’

To be fair, CNBC’s triumvirate asked many questions about taxes and spending and deficits and Social Security, but way too many of those questions did not elicit solid answers. They seemed crafted to bring attention to the hosts, not the candidates.

So the post-debate analysis focused on the moderators and the undeniably liberal leanings of the mainstream media. Chris Christie, one of the night’s stars, summarized the questions as ‘snarky, divisive, non-substantive, and biased.’ Our own Charles Krauthammer, a star on any night, called it ‘the most appalling performance by moderators that I can remember.’ Media bias is a very valuable subject, but in this case it overshadowed what was supposed to be the main subject, the dismal American economy.

And that economy is a mess! New data from the Social Security Administration show that 51% of working Americans made less than $30,000 last year, and 40% made less than $20,000! The key word is ‘working.’ Those stats don’t even take into account the millions of Americans who are officially unemployed. Or those who have thrown in the towel and dropped out of the economy.

President Obama can boast that the unemployment rate is about 5%, but a stunning 40% of Americans are not in the labor force. That’s the lowest participation rate since 1977, when ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and disco were all the rage.

Median income has gone down under Barack Obama’s watch, partly because employers are getting hammered by Washington. Whatever you think about ObamaCare, it has thrown a yoke around the necks of the small and mid-sized companies that do much of the hiring.

Let’s put this is stark terms. The median weekly wage when Barack Obama took office was slightly above $800. It is now slightly below $800. Going way, way back, household income is pretty much the same as it was in 1995. Two decades of stagnation! Sure, those dastardly one-percenters of Wall Street have done very well, especially in the age of Obama, but workers are taking it on the chin.

The administration always has a ready answer. When the first quarter slumped, the White House and its minions blamed it on the snow and cold weather. Perhaps they should hope that those dire ‘climate change’ warnings come true. Now we have news that third quarter economic growth was just 1.5%. Maybe it was too warm. Goldilocks come to mind?

No doubt we have a real problem with a moribund economy and it is especially tough on lower income Americans. And CNBC had an ideal opportunity to probe prospective presidents about their solutions. Instead, we got a self-serving panel asking questions designed to go viral.

The next GOP debate is coming up in a couple of weeks, again hosted by business-oriented concerns. This time it’s Fox Business Network and the Wall Street Journal, both part of the family that includes Fox News.

You can certainly expect some tough questions from Neil Cavuto, Maria Bartiromo, and Gerard Baker. But their goal will be to elicit real answers about festering economic problems.

Fantasy football will not be part of the debate. Nor will Marco Rubio’s student loans, Ben Carson’s analysis of nutritional supplements, or whether Donald Trump is packing heat. Actually, if the candidates had been armed Wednesday night, their likely target would have been the CNBC logo draped around the auditorium. And the logo’s peacock would probably be riddled with lead.

Any substantive moments in the Boulder debate were lost in the fog of war, a war that broke out between the candidates and the moderators. The Republican presidential hopefuls learned a lot this week. So did the upcoming debate moderators. Future debates will be more about the substance of the candidates, less about the style of the questioners. And that is good news for we the people.

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Giving Sanctuary To Anarchy

By BillOReilly.com Staff – Thursday, Oct 22, 2015
Clark GableBill is absolutely correct about all of this. He did fail to mention that Mitch McConnell attached the two bills about this subject instead of voting on Kate’s law separately. Sometimes I think that Senator McConnell is not a Republican or a Conservative but may even be a Communist! Leaders in the House and the Senate have been more traitorous than leaders recently! Is it any wonder that Americans are fed up with our government. Carson and Trump my  be just what the doctor ordered for our ills! I think you will find the following very interesting.
Something absolutely appalling took place this week in the United States Senate. The so-called ‘world’s greatest deliberative body’ had a choice between protecting American citizens … and utter lawlessness. Lawlessness prevailed!

44 Democratic senators and one Republican blocked a bill that would punish cities that give sanctuary to illegal aliens, even those wanted for a serious crime. The sanctuary city bill was attached to Kate’s Law, which mandates prison terms for illegal aliens who return to the USA after committing aggravated felonies.

Meanwhile, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors proudly voted to retain its insane sanctuary policies. That is the very city, of course, where 32-year-old Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal alien who simply should not have been in this country.

One of the supervisors, Malia Cohen, displayed her great bravery by declaring, ‘I am not afraid of Fox News.’ The audience cheered like trained seals brought in from San Francisco Bay. Ms. Cohen has another reason to be extremely proud – last year she sponsored a bill prohibiting employers and landlords from asking about an applicant’s criminal history.

She also voted against a measure that would have prevented people from lying about on city sidewalks, although presumably not in front of the $581,000 condo she owned before it was foreclosed. This woman has a real knack for protecting the criminal class.

During an appearance on The Factor after those votes, Kate Steinle’s parents expressed their utter disgust with what happened in San Francisco and Washington. Disgust, but not surprise. Sadly, we are accustomed to being slapped around by liberal politicians who never pay a price for their votes.

Juan Francisco Sanchez-Lopez, charged with the murder of Kate, is a career criminal who has used more than 30 aliases and has been deported to his native Mexico time and again. During his most recent return to the USA, he picked San Francisco because that city is known for leniency toward illegals. That’s where he broke into a car, stole a handgun, and recklessly fired that gun in a public place, killing Kate Steinle.

Astoundingly, the New York Times portrays this repeat criminal as a choir boy who apparently got lost on the way to church: ‘Mr. Lopez-Sanchez was a homeless man,’ the Times tearfully lamented, ‘with drug convictions but no record of violent crime; the bullet he fired was found to have ricocheted off the pier, suggesting that he had not targeted anyone.’

So the Times, rather than worrying about cops being shot and killed in Harlem, is actually defending this felonious thug in San Francisco. Meanwhile, the odious supervisor Malia Cohen had the audacity to claim that her city’s sanctuary policy played no role in Kate Steinle’s death. And another supervisor, David Campos, worried about ‘scapegoating immigrants.’ These lefty loons genuinely care more about killers than victims, and it is utterly sickening.

But don’t wait for President Obama to criticize his party’s decision to side with sanctuary cities and counties, which now number more than 300. He doesn’t hesitate to weigh in when a boy designs a clock that resembles a bomb, but he is conspicuously silent when localities protect ticking human time bombs. President Obama is sworn to uphold the law of the land, but he does not uphold immigration law.

It is inevitable that another innocent person will be killed or raped or maimed by an illegal felon who has returned to the USA after being deported. Those are the miscreants who would be targeted by Kate’s Law – we are not talking about gardeners and chambermaids and plumbers. When it happens, Malia Cohen and her pals might want to answer a few questions.

Right now the political establishment is pulling out its hair, wondering how a guy like Donald Trump could be leading the race for the Republican nomination. Perhaps they should look to Capitol Hill in the East and Telegraph Hill in the West. Democrats in the Senate, led by Harry Reid, endorse laws that protect violent felons. And city ‘leaders’ in San Francisco express great pride in doing the same thing.

Yes, things in much of America are totally out of control. Some liberal precincts resemble Tombstone, Arizona, that infamously lawless town in the Wild West. And many people find themselves wondering when a new sheriff will finally show up to restore some order. Wyatt Earp, a nation turns its frightened eyes to you.

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A Blameless, Clueless President

Clark GableBy BillOReilly.com Staff – Thursday, Oct 15, 2015

This is a good review of our sick POTUS

Charles Krauthammer frequently quips that he is no longer a practicing psychiatrist. But the good doctor put our president on the proverbial couch this week and declared him ‘delusional.’ Not once, but twice in the same segment.

Of course, it doesn’t take a trained shrink to conclude that President Obama sometimes seems to inhabit another world. It’s a realm where everything he does, or has ever done, is pretty much on the money. A world where he is doing a bang-up job. A place where only Republicans and Fox News don’t recognize the wisdom of his governance.

Dr. K’s perspicacious diagnosis was in reaction to the president’s sit-down on ’60 Minutes,’ where he was pressed surprisingly hard by Steve Kroft. Even Kroft, who often goes pretty easy on the big guy, looked incredulous when President Obama assured him that the ‘community of nations’ will eventually destroy ISIS.

Have you seen that elusive ‘community of nations’ stepping up to the plate in the Middle East? Didn’t think so. It’s a community talked about in the faculty lounge, but seldom found in the real world.

Then there was President Obama’s declaration that he knew all along that training moderate Syrians to fight Assad was doomed to failure. Why, then, did we authorize $500-million and wind up with four or five trained fighters? Not four or five platoons. Four or five men willing and able to confront the Syrian butcher.

Put another way, the president was against the training program before he was for it, telling Kroft he was ‘skeptical from the get-go.’ Washington Post foreign affairs columnist David Ignatius, hardly a raging conservative, concluded that the president’s claim was simply ‘weird.’

The commander-in-chief habitually sets up a false choice in the Middle East. It’s either do nothing or send in ‘several hundred thousand troops,’ as he accuses his critics of advocating. But surely there are other options between those extremes.

General David Petraeus, former boss of the CIA and a legendary military strategist, testified that we could be doing more in Syria, especially with air power. The president derided that as ‘mumbo jumbo,’ one more example of the many ‘half-baked ideas’ floating around.

He also dismissed Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that a no-fly zone should at least be on the table. You expect Bernie Sanders to ridicule that notion, as he did in Tuesday’s debate. But you don’t anticipate the president of the United States giving the back of his hand to his former secretary of state.

In the end, the president seems to honestly believe that his Middle East strategy is working. Forget about his disappearing ‘red line’ or his demands for regime change in Syria. Never mind the hundreds of thousands who have been killed by Assad, or their luckier brethren who are flooding into Europe. To this president, we are winning, Putin and Assad are losing, and the refugee crisis has absolutely nothing to do with him.

No president wants to admit failure. Not Jimmy Carter, not even Richard Nixon. They prefer to remember whatever good things happened on their watch. Especially when they promised so much more. And no one has ever promised more than Barack Obama.

In 2009, soon after his first inauguration, President Obama implied that his election would radically and permanently transform relations between the USA and the world’s Muslims. ‘I am a Christian,’ he told a crowd in Cairo, ‘but my father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims. As a boy, I spent several years in Indonesia and heard the call of the Azaan at the break of dawn and the fall of dusk.’

Six years later, that implied promise has run aground. President Obama looks to the Middle East and sees, instead of peace and progress, nothing but carnage and chaos. Faced with that reality, he tends to do two things. First, deny that he is in any way responsible. We saw that in the revealing ’60 Minutes’ interview. When that doesn’t work, he’ll just change the subject.

Climate change, anyone?

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Clark GableWhy is it time for a citizen POTUS? In order to answer this question you must look at the state of America today. Quite frankly our country is coming apart at the seams18 Trillion dollars in debt and puppet countries no longer fear us. Old friends no longer consider us allies and quite simply we are not leading the world like the once powerful and respected country that we were.

When the founding fathers put this great nation together it was their feeling that the major national government would only have to be together a portion of each year and then they would go home and ten d tend to their crops or businesses or whatever jobs they had. We improved that system by turning it into a massive uncontrollable collection of politicians and government workers simply sucking constantly on the teats of this massive pig called the American government. These good people might all go to Washington with the honorable intentions of doing the right thing and working toward taking care of America and the people who sent them there. But somewhere along the line they found this doing little and getting paid big home in Washington DC which gives them power and respect the like of which they had never even dreamed of before.

If you are interested in understanding the seniority problem with our government all you need to do is read this short piece on my blog which should open your eyes to exactly what is wrong with our government, here is the address for this blog posting http://tinyurl.com/nra3vx3.

The problems with our government could easily be fixed by enacting a simple law called TERM LIMITS. An additional simple law should be enacted that would prohibit Senators, Representatives or others covered under these term limits from practicing as LOBBYISTS of either house for a period of at least 20 years after their terms were over! These two simple laws would reduce corruption and graft by a huge percentage and might even eliminate it completely!

Remember, when you pull the lever or place your X on the paper to vote in this next election you may be voting for the future of this great nation. If you feel as I do that our country has massive problems, you must understand that the people in Washington right now are responsible for these problems and for the destruction of America as we knew it. Some are more responsible than others, but they must all be held accountable for our problems. If they have been there long enough for an indoctrination they must be held accountable when asked what they have accomplished for the time and money spent on them. This is not being done.

We the people must stop asking what can I get from this government for myself but what is our country going to be like if our governmental choices don’t begin to understand what THEIR JOBS and RESPONSIBILITIES ARE. This country is for our children and all of the children coming after them. I was nearly sick when I put together the above blog posting and saw how long many of these do nothings have been going to Washington and doing literally nothing for the people of America. It has been going on for years and years!

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10988, which permitted collective bargaining by federal employees. Widely seen as a gift to George Meany, the AFL-CIO head who helped Kennedy win the White House, the executive order was also a gift to government unions, both because it widened federal membership and because it signaled national approval of unions for state and local employees. So it could be correctly stated that Kennedy made the move which would be the undoing of this country in the future. At the time he made this move our elected officials were under no supervision except for we the people which by this time was also a mistake. After his executive order there would no longer be any reasonable supervision of those people hired to carry out the laws and directives of the country. Essentially since that brilliant executive order signed by Kennedy he finalized our modern government which is quite simply THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND! Nobody is any longer responsible for anything going on in this massive bureaucracy that America has built!

This could be seen as the beginning of the end for the sensible growth of government. The process of collective bargaining in the government can truly be defined as an Oxymoron. Who in the hell do the citizens bargain with when they are being paid by citizens. The government has no ability to manufacture anything and for all intents has no ability to make a profit from anything they do. On any balance sheet or profit and loss statement they must be shown as a liability or expense. Now please tell me how citizens who are a liability and who make no money from any activity can bargain with themselves for any future income or benefits. This process is not just an oxymoron it is an idiocy beyond belief and can only be continued by lunatics or by people who just don’t give a damn for America!

The government officials who are ostensibly running our country have no restrictions upon their own employment except the possibility of being defeated at the polls during the next election. Therefore they have done nothing to correct this incredible lunacy during the many years they have been sucking off of the government teats! TERM LIMITS SHOULD BE ENACTED AND  ALL GOVERNMENT UNIONS SHOULD BE ELIMINATED AND PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT SHOULD BE PUT BACK ON AN INTELLIGENT HIRING AND FIRING BASIS.

Public workers took a blow to their dignity in 1981 when President Ronald Reagan, following Coolidge’s lead, fired 11,000 striking air-traffic controllers of the Federal Aviation Administration. Forgotten is that the REAGAN,BUSH,CLINTON AND BUSH years were the period when the tenure rules, pay schedules and compensation packages of today were signed. And Blah Blah Oblahma is still under the control of the unions and doesn’t understand what is going on anyway!     

Another factor leading to the rise of the public unions is the decade-over-decade increase in the size of government. Not only through the New Deal, but also through the 1950s and onward the number of workers in the public sector grew. By 1962 they represented an eighth of the national work force. If we did not have so many government employees today, the cost of sustaining them would not be so high.

Another contributing factor was union sentimentalism. Union law governing private business, from the Wagner Act on, did permit strikes and more dramatic forms of bargaining than often allowed public workers. Some states, out of a sense of fairness, gave public workers similar rights. Please think about it the entire process given to public workers makes no sense and is totally uncontrollable!


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