The U.S. is in trouble! – Stop Illegal Immigration

The numbers are staggering. They are unbelievable and they have not been this bad since the First Great Depression. Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, “We own the economy.” They do own the economy, which means they also own this Second Great Depression.

How bad is it? In the last few years, we have shed 10.5 million jobs. Payroll (Americans drawing a payroll check) is now 131 million people. That is fewer than were drawing a paycheck in 2000, despite the fact the country has grown by almost one third since then.

Why are so many Americans not working? For one thing, our politicians, in their desire to give taxpayer money away, have created far too many incentives not to work. When unemployment benefits run for almost two years, you create a disincentive to seek employment. One of the first rules of economics is when you subsidize something you get more of it. We are subsidizing unemployment.

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons we currently have ten million idle American workers can be traced to something very simple. Illegal immigration.

Depending on who you ask, there are between ten and twenty million illegals in this country. Not all of them are working. Most of them are. The open borders crowd has finally given up on telling us they are doing jobs Americans won’t do. Even they know illegals are taking jobs away from Americans who are willing to work.

Currently, for every job opening posted, there are on average, seven applicants. People want jobs, but cannot find them.

I have said this before. If the Obama regime were merely incompetent, the law of averages dictates they would occasionally get some things right. In continuing their string of getting things wrong, last Friday the regime sent out what is called a “Prosecutorial discretion” memo. It called on DOJ prosecutors who handle immigration cases to use even more discretion in the cases they select for deportation. Basically they are looking for any excuse to NOT deport people.

When ICE arrests an illegal and they are not deported, they are instead released. When they are released under these circumstances, they can then apply for legal status and a work permit (Green Card).

With ten million unemployed and ten to twenty million illegals in this country, it would make sense that if we would make it impossible for the illegals to work in this country, by using a system like E-verify, they would voluntarily leave and this would open up jobs for Americans.

Dwight Eisenhower did just this. When he took office, he was concerned about the number of illegal aliens in this country and he directed the Immigration and Naturalization Service to find and deport illegals. They did. Eisenhower’s motivation was simple. There were too many unemployed Americans and too many illegals taking jobs away from Americans.

If the Obama regime were serious about improving our economy, one way they could do that would be to seal the border and get serious about enforcing our immigration laws. It is unconscionable that Obama and the Party of Treason has more concern for those who break our laws and come to this country illegally than it does for Americans who need jobs and are being spit on by this regime.

As we move to 2012, we must get commitments from anyone who wants to replace Obama that they are going to enforce our immigration laws and try to undo the damage that the Obama, Pelosi, Reid axis of fiscal evil has done.

About geneb527

Retired, but still spending an inordinant amount of time thinking about all things big and small. I am proud to be a strong constitutional conservative. I am also proud to have been married over 56 years to my wonderful wife, Louise. I continue to be amazed that she has put up with me for such a long time, but have been happy that she decided to do so. "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not," warned Thomas Jefferson.
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2 Responses to The U.S. is in trouble! – Stop Illegal Immigration

  1. thatmrgguy says:

    Actually, Truman also deported illegal aliens too, several million in fact.

    Mike G.

  2. philebersole says:

    The following chart gives statistics on deportation of illegal immigrants over the past 10 years.

    What President Obama has been doing is pretty much a continuation of what President Bush has been doing.

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