Obama Buying Votes With Free Phones & Union Pays People to Protest Romney Visit

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On Wednesday, Mitt Romney was campaigning in Bedford OH, a suburb of Cleveland. Bedford is a small town of less than 15,000 people. It’s not a rich town either as the median household income is around $37,000. The town has a diverse racial mix of 53% white, 42% black and rest a mixture of Asian, Hispanic and American Indian.

With Bedford’s location near Cleveland and having a large population of blacks, one expects there to be an abundance of people favoring Obama and more than happy to protest Romney’s visit. However, that may not have been the case and there be more Romney fans in the small community than expected.

To make sure that there were enough people protesting Romney’s visit, the Service Employees International Union hired a number of union people, paying them $11 an hour and bussed them Bedford. Founded in 1921, the SEIU has literally become an extension of the liberal progressives that have taken over the Democratic Party. Their 1.8 million members are sure votes for Obama come November. Note in the video below that once the person filming them starts asking questions, it doesn’t take long for others in the crowd to start squelching any further comments.

One of the protesters at Bedford revealed that she is for Obama because he gave her and every other poor person in Cleveland a free phone. When asked what she didn’t like about Romney, she couldn’t think of anything except to say that he sucks. Obviously, that free phone was more important to her than any of the real issues.

Evidently this Cleveland woman is part of the federal government’s Universal Service Fund that provides free cell phones to people with a low income. Not only are they getting free cell phones, but the federal mandate forces the local cell service providers to give each person 250 free minutes per month. Guess who’s paying for all those minutes? Yep, every other regular cell phone customer that pays their bills.

Decades ago, Chicago was known for crooked elections and buying votes. At one time, it was common place for supporters of one candidate to stand outside a polling place and give each person a dollar if they would vote for their candidate. (This was back in the days when a dollar was actually worth something.) Since Obama started his political career in Chicago, it looks like he learned from the city’s history how to buy votes.


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