“Comprehensive” Immigration Reform and Severe Indigestion


Even First Lady Michelle would caution against consuming
an entire ten course meal in one mouthful and direct
instead that each bite be chewed 
separately and thoroughly,
swallowed cautiously and then digested.

Michelle with Bangs

Comprehensive immigration reform has more than ten courses, yet we are in danger of swallowing an entire garbage pail full
without even examining the contents

Comprehensive reform in general

Addressing all aspects of complicated matter in one swell foop, demanded quickly because “we can’t wait,” often turns out to have been a serious blunder. That happened with ObamaCare and could easily happen again should comprehensive immigration “reform” produce an even worse situation than now exists — a likely event. 


ObamaCare was enacted as comprehensive (and incomprehensible) legislation to undermine remake health care in the United States. It passed despite widespread ignorance of its contents, meanings and likely consequences. We were told that it had to be…

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About geneb527

Retired, but still spending an inordinant amount of time thinking about all things big and small. I am proud to be a strong constitutional conservative. I am also proud to have been married over 56 years to my wonderful wife, Louise. I continue to be amazed that she has put up with me for such a long time, but have been happy that she decided to do so. "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not," warned Thomas Jefferson.
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