Do the United States of Obama even have a Foreign Policy?


Ideology prevails, rather than the national interests of the United States.
Ideology has prevailed in Syria and likely will in Iran and elsewhere.

Obama fire hydrant Putin dogIt’s all a big clusterdunk.

The following article from Stratfor provides a good summary of what President Obama’s America did and did not do about Syria. As it contends, the concept of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) has deteriorated over the years.

The threshold of mass destruction ceased to be the significant measure, and instead the cause of death in a given attack took center stage.

The use of WMDs became a matter of ideological interpretation. Hence, the alleged killing by the Assad regime of perhaps fourteen hundred people on August twenty-first assumed far more importance than the killing of more than one hundred thousand by the Assad regime and by various “freedom fighters,” most of them apparently Islamists, over a couple of years. I have seen…

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