We must WIN the Technological/Cyber War!

Clark GableI have been reluctant to write about this topic because I felt certain that some of our war time Generals might actually understand how we could win this war and might open the discussion for our politicians. But I listened carefully to the low intellect main stream media and even the bright pundits on Fox and have never heard any of even the brightest on Fox state something intelligent about war. Interestingly enough I was extremely surprised while watching “Outnumbered” on Fox to hear Gene Simmons the famous KISS rock star actually give the answer to winning the Cyber War even though I am not sure if he truly understood how important his comment was and the gals on the show didn’t pick up on it which wasn’t a surprise. Since then I have heard a few Fox contributors tread close to the line of understanding what has to be done but by only mincing around the edges.

It still surprises me that it seems like most of our Generals don’t understand the art of war anymore. General George Patton’s books and Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s books on war should be required reading for all students of war! The art of war is the same everywhere. It is the same on the bloody battlefield as on the technological or cyber battlefield. There is a secret that I learned from the incredible General George Patton, and it is that you cannot defeat your enemy by “defending” you can only win a war if you attack and attack and keep attacking! He said, “Attack rapidly, ruthlessly, viciously, without rest, however tired and hungry you may be, the enemy will be more tired and more hungry. “Keep punching.” Rommel said, “I would rather be the hammer than the anvil.” Those comments are the heart of the secret and have been the same for thousands of years. I don’t believe that this tactic is being taught at West Point or Annapolis or at the War College but I am not sure because I have never been to any of these illustrious places of learning! We could defeat ISIS quickly if we formed a real and serious coalition and sent thousands of warriors after them wherever they are and attacked and killed them!

Before we go further it is important to know that this administration probably understands this secret because they are in the process of attacking and destroying this country. But they also think like Elitists who don’t understand common sense and would be the easiest group of people in the world to defeat in a real war.

I used to laugh at Bill O’Reilly on Fox when he would say that “Obama is a smart guy” why doesn’t he know this??? Well it is because he is not a smart guy. He is a Con Artist who has gotten through life on his smile and his BS. He is gifted in many ways, he is good looking, he can speak well and he can read well. The last is obvious because he has read Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals” and has memorized the thoughts in it! He has also read many other books written by Progressive, Socialist or Communist authors. He probably has a high IQ but we will never know this. Because he is gifted, if he has the words he on his Teleprompters that he wants to say he is capable of delivering very moving speeches even though he usually goes off on many weird tangents! But when he talks off the cuff he is not nearly as good an orator as when he is using his hardware. This may bring into question a high IQ but not necessarily!

He was never vetted for any of the political jobs he has had which is a remarkable statement in this country. The reason it is remarkable is that our press used to dig up all the dirt on all politicos but now has become so incapable of decent news gathering and investigative reporting that they and the body politic never even bothered to look into his background. Our founders knew that we needed a FREE PRESS so that the bad guys couldn’t run for office because they would be outed by an honest press! Before the 2008 election you couldn’t run for any office without everybody digging up every bit of dirt on you and publishing it for all to read. With Obama the liberal, socialist or communist reporters just took the position that he had gone to some good schools (didn’t know how he got there or what his record there was) and because he could bullshit them (by the way, he is still bullshitting them) he must be really very smart! Well the laugh is on them. He is what a true intellectual would understand is just a blatherer, never saying anything of substance that hasn’t already been said by someone of his ideological bent and always with the possibility that he might not even understand what he is saying. And of course he is an outstanding Con Man! The press says that he was a constitutional lawyer and professor of constitutional law. Have they ever talked to anybody about this or to any students who attended his classes? I believe not! He probably studied the constitution for the purpose of destroying it.

It would seem self-evident that Americans would know about serious attacking as a winning strategy and how to win a war because we talk about the “surge” so much. What the hell was the surge except for increasing the force size and seriously attacking the enemy? Remember, you can’t win a war by being on the defensive; you must attack, attack and keep attacking! When it comes to Technological or Cyber War why would anybody think it was any different? Why don’t we understand that our country is and has been under attack from all over the world for some time? We weren’t just attacked by terrorists on 9/11. We have been under attack from China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and probably many other countries for years now. So what do we talk about doing. We talk constantly about defending our data! OK I will give you that, we must have a good defense but we will never win the war unless we get serious and go on the offensive.

Defense Is For The Defenseless!

It is important for our leaders to understand no one can win a war with defense. This is not only true about warfare but it is also true of sports, games, debates or any conflict of any nature. If you are to win you must attack, attack and continue attacking until you succeed with VICTORY!

If you or your people are attacked for any reason the enemy must be made to pay dearly immediately.  Our laws were originally constructed so that if you committed a crime it was mandatory that you would be given a speedy and fair trial so that justice would be rapid and fair! This of course was intended as a message creating an impediment to further similar crimes. Our forefathers would be ashamed that justice in this country is no longer speedy but may take years before trials take place and years after that before penalties are enacted. Is it any wonder then that criminals in our country are no longer concerned with potential penalties for their crimes?

When our enemies strike us or our friends they must pay for that dearly and immediately. If terrorists enact any action against us or our enemies they must be struck by a powerful force immediately and they must pay with a great loss of life in their forces. We cannot continue to pontificate that “we will find the people who did this and make them pay.” That is BS and everybody knows it. If we or friends are attacked and we lose lives we should immediately kill at least 100 of theirs for every 1 of ours. Enemies must be made to pay dearly for each and every one of their actions against us or our Allies! If we do not establish as our primary warfare strategy we will pay dearly at some point for the error!

This principle is not just for warfare that entails killing our enemy but is just as important for Cyber warfare. Every time we are attacked on the Cyber front we must make the enemy conducting the attack pay dearly immediately for their actions. If China hacks into our network we should immediately make them pay dearly by destroying many of their networks. If it is Russia the same should happen immediately, destruction of some of their resources.

Every day on TV we are seeing pundits talking to many, including military advisors about this problem and they keep asking “what can we do”? If we had what I suggest in this treatise we could easily put a stop to much of what they are worried about. Most of those talking about Social Media and the Internet really don’t know much about it. If we have Americans going to web sites and getting interested in killing Americans we should have our Cyber Army monitoring those web sites. Now they are sending those wackos off to other web sites which are encrypted. With our Cyber Army we could break their encryption and know more about them than they know about themselves. For God’s sake our leaders must wake up and get our military back on the correct track to defeat these terrorist organizations.

In order to do this we should begin immediately building a new branch of our military. It should be our Cyber Army and we should begin recruiting the very best technology Geeks and Hackers to man what should become the greatest Cyber Army in the world. Other countries have Cyber Armies already and we sit around sucking our thumbs and even though we have some good technological deterrents we by no means have a massive technology army trained and skilled on attacking other countries technology on a moment’s notice when our homeland or our coalitions are attacked by them.

We have financed The United Nations for many years and it always has been and still is a gigantic joke. It would have been much smarter to have established a worldwide coalition of countries who wish to live FREE and who would be willing to go to war on a traditional or on a Cyber warfare basis with any country attempting to take that FREEDOM from them. The current United Nations is a joke and we should abandon it. All of the money we use to finance our UN status should be put into strengthening our military and building the mother of all Cyber Armies filled with freedom loving young Americans who would become our Cyber Warriors

Most CEOs in this country really don’t understand the technology running in their own companies. So how could they possibly understand how to protect their companies? They all have IT (Information Technology) departments but heaven forbid that they understand what they do down there in the bowels of the company? Some do understand and hire the best IT warriors available to them but most just want reports and more and more paper from that department showing what a good job they are doing. Industry of any kind should have the defense of their company data as one of the most important line items in their fiscal planning!

God help us with our politicians and government employees with their protective unions and job protection and tenure. Most of them could never understand the true art of war and that is DESTROYING YOUR ENEMIES!!! Mostly they just spend their time doing what Blah Blah Oblahma is doing and that is just blathering. They seem incapable of solving problems!

Regardless of that and partly because of World War II, we have built the finest group of Ground, Sea and Air Warriors in the history of mankind. Because of this we have been able to live in a state of relative peace in our country for many years because enemies were afraid to attack us. The only time in recent history when we have been at war has been when we were essentially helping other countries for one reason or another. When the World Trade Center in New York was attacked, the first time since Pearl Harbor a serious attack on our homeland, we had to go to war to stop further attacks and to stay safe. But we just don’t seem to understand that right now we are under more severe attacks every day but they are Technological or Cyber Attacks. And we can’t just sit on our asses and defend ourselves.

Even though this Progressive/Socialist/Communist administration is trying to dismantle our country and especially our Military we still have the best Ground, Sea and Air Warriors in the world.

Now we must build the best Cyber Army in the world. We have most of the best technology here in our country. We have Microsoft, Apple, Google and many other great major technology companies. With them and with much more individual talent than we could possibly know, we have the talent to surely build the best Cyber Army in the world and have the best “Cyber Warriors” We must establish a new army filled with Cyber Warriors (What young geek wouldn’t want to be a Cyber Warrior?). We have so many great young people playing war games all the time that would fit in nicely with a Cadre of experienced Geek Hackers and Crackers. We could pay them well because of their expertise and have the Cyber Army run by serious, well trained technological Americans with strong backgrounds in Technological and Cyber experience. We can’t have them controlled by the ideological idiots running our government. Our Cyber Army would not only be responsible for attacking our enemies but they would be assisting our businesses in protecting themselves and they would be gathering intelligence on all enemy or unfriendly countries.

Wake up America we are currently living in the 21st Century! This army would also be very helpful in assisting us in our war against terrorism and in defending this country.

Recently Bill O’Reilly said about North Korea, “we should do something to hurt them badly.” But of course he didn’t know what or didn’t recommend a course of action. Unfortunately he has his own personal war going on with “The Machines” as he calls them. He doesn’t understand them so he thinks “The Machines” are evil. He, like most older people obviously doesn’t know or understand that “The Machines” are the finest intellectual hardware ever developed but also the most formidable weapons ever developed. We need to understand this and we need to take advantage of this if we want to remain; The Greatest Nation in the history of the world. For the record I am currently 82, a veteran of the Korean conflict and I know that we are the Greatest Nation in the history of the world and Americans are living in the best time in the history of the world! And I know that if we begin to understand the gift we have with our new technology we can defeat ignorance and terrorism!

If we get serious about destroying terrorism and If we don’t destroy this country from within first we will become even GREATER than we have ever been! I probably won’t live long enough to see it unless I can see it from on high while in the presence of our Lord!

Just remember a couple of additional quotations from the great General George Patton; “In case of doubt, attack.” and  “May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.” You might be interested that even though he was a great warrior George Patton had many good conversations with our Lord!!!


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Retired, but still spending an inordinant amount of time thinking about all things big and small. I am proud to be a strong constitutional conservative. I am also proud to have been married over 56 years to my wonderful wife, Louise. I continue to be amazed that she has put up with me for such a long time, but have been happy that she decided to do so. "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not," warned Thomas Jefferson.
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