Strategy for Defeating the Islamist Barbaric Terrorist Savages

Clark GableNone of the Republican potential presidential candidates has come up with as specific or as well planned a strategy as this beginning strategy for defeating the SAVAGES. No one on the Democratic side has the brains or the balls for a strategy as well planned as this. Our POTUS has neither the brains nor the balls for something this sophisticated and therefore currently has NO STRATEGY at all!

The world including America is now embroiled in WORLD WAR THREE, and the players are THE WORLD against the Barbaric Terrorist Savages! Our first step in this war must be to determine who is willing to participate on the WORLD TEAM? Once the teams are sorted out we must agree to make the Barbaric Terrorist Savages pay dearly every time they strike. It is not enough to just kill the attackers but we must make the hordes suffer and suffer dearly when anybody from any country in our coalition is attacked! We cannot abide the beheading of innocents and the slaughter of innocent men, women and children of any religion or nationality! After a few months with the beginning strategy outlined here the terrorists will begin to see things differently. Then with coordination and by leading our WORLD TEAM we can easily strike them on all fronts and they should be neutralized within 3 – 4 weeks

Unfortunately because we now have such a lack of leadership America has lost the backbone to take the lead in the world to destroy the Barbaric Terrorist Savages attacking people all over the world. We have allowed this spineless POTUS to weaken our military and remove all the serious WARRIOR GENERALS from the leadership where they belong. Because of this lack of leadership we will not institute this strategy but this is what is needed if the world is to win this war. Until we institute strategies similar to these discussed here the Barbaric Terrorist Savages will continue to carry on with actions which will kill groups of people and at the same time put all people in fear if we don’t get leadership and begin to attack them wherever they are. This will be a different war than any conducted to date by the US but it is the only way to destroy these inhumane savages and allow any  chance for any people to live FREE! You cannot be FREE if you must live in FEAR!

Terror Strategy #1 Stop calling them anything but Barbaric Terrorist  Savages (no ISIS, ISIL Taliban or Al Qaeda) just Barbaric Terrorist  Savages! They are not a religion! They are Barbaric Terrorist  Savages. Certainly they are Islamic based and there is nothing wrong with incorporating Islamic in the name but they are Barbarians!

Terror Strategy #2 Build a real honest coalition with allies who must be willing to use all their means to assist in destroying these Barbaric Terrorist  Savages. This should include money, warriors, planes and any and all other resources they have available to use in this war.

Terror Strategy #2a Tell all nations that if they harbor Barbaric Terrorist Savages in their country there will be no more money from America and the host countries will be considered enemies of America!

Terror Strategy #2b Tell all nations that if they fund the Barbaric Terrorist Savages they will automatically become our enemy. Then we must use all means at our disposal including our Cyber Army to cut off any and all funds going to these Barbarians!

Terror Strategy #3 We must PROFILE  the Barbaric Terrorist Savages. It is idiocy that we don’t have a workable profile of potential Terrorist Barbaric Savages!

Terror Strategy #4 Tell Barbaric Terrorist Savages every time there is an attack and people are killed we will retaliate with at least 100 of theirs for each one they have killed! We must make them pay severely every time they kill innocent people. Jordan is currently making the Islamist Barbaric Terrorist Savages pay dearly for the burning of the Jordanian Hero pilot! This should happen every time they kill another victim!

Terror Strategy #5 Follow up by killing at least 100 Barbaric Terrorist Savages for every person they killed. Kill them with bombs, drones, soldiers or whatever is needed but do it! We must be able to hit them within a moment’s notice in retaliation for their evil killing! 1700 Barbaric Terrorist Savages should have been killed for what happened recently in Paris, France.

Terror Strategy #6 Stop talking about defending against them and start talking about destroying them. In a recent attack in France 4 Savages killed 17 innocents! We should have killed 1700 of these savages! Certainly we must defend our countries but our main strategy must to to reach out and kill our enemies to make them pay! In the latest attack in California they killed 14 and wounded 21. The minute the POTUS found out that this was a terrorist attack he should have ordered massive air strikes on ISIS all over the globe. This must be done to show them that no matter the size of their attack they will pay dearly for every one!

Terror Strategy #7 Talk with Muslim leaders in every country and if they are not willing to join in the fight on the side of the world then cancel their citizenships and deport them! All Muslims must cooperate and be a part of the destruction of the savages! The world must coalesce in this goal! If so called good Muslims (Islamists) are not with us they must be with the Barbaric Terrorist Savages!

Terror Strategy #8 Put a stop to all multicultural BS and the crazy madness with political correctness in this country and get serious about destroying the Barbaric Terrorist Savages! We must get back to being America and speaking clearly and concisely and strengthening our FREE SPEECH laws! One neighbor in the California attack saw strange happenings at the house of the terrorists but didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to be called a racist! This neighbor could have saved many lives but she worried about political correctness, this is sad!

Terror Strategy #9 Any person put on a terrorist watch list should be captured, incarcerated and seriously interrogated. If after exploration they are considered a serious threat they should be in Gitmo (kept open)!

Terror Strategy #10 We must strengthen our entire Military! In addition to our Land, Sea and Air military we should also be building the most powerful Cyber Army and the most powerful Drone Fleet in the world!

Terror Strategy #11 Attack, attack and attack – Nobody ever won any WAR with defense only. Nobody ever won any football, soccer, basketball, baseball or any other game by defense only. We must ATTACK and especially after any attack by the Barbaric Terrorist Savages! We must defend our countries but we must destroy this enemy! We need a WAR president and WARRIOR GENERALS in our Pentagon!

Terror Strategy #12 By this time we must know who and where some of these Barbaric Terrorist Savages reside locally, if so then we should take them into custody. They must be incarcerated and interrogated VERY seriously!

Terror Strategy #13 Disband the United Nations and send all of the visiting law breakers back where they come from. It has never been successful and has become a useless senseless organization! If we have accomplished our strategy #2 then that group will be our United Nations!!!!

Terror Strategy #14 Understand very clearly that the Barbaric Terrorist Savages are going to kill us unless we kill them first. If you don’t want your family killed in some barbaric fashion then get it through your head that all civilized nations must fight to destroy these BARBARIC TERRORIST SAVAGES! Why is that so hard to understand???

It is not the worst thing in the world if America is the police force of the world but it may be the best thing in the world if America is the police force of the world!

It is once again time for America to put our people back to work and to make them all proud. Proud enough to want to go to WAR if that is what it takes to make the world a safe and prosperous place for all of our children and grandchildren. It certainly isn’t a safe and prosperous place for them at present!

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Retired, but still spending an inordinant amount of time thinking about all things big and small. I am proud to be a strong constitutional conservative. I am also proud to have been married over 56 years to my wonderful wife, Louise. I continue to be amazed that she has put up with me for such a long time, but have been happy that she decided to do so. "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not," warned Thomas Jefferson.
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