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Watching them carefully is now our job and our duty!

The trouble with our politics is that it is difficult to tell what is really going on. The lame stream liberal press makes it even more difficult for We the People to know what is going on. Keeping We the … Continue reading

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The Republicans may have the shortest memories in history!

Why in the world would Republicans make a deal with Obama that included what amounts to another very expensive stimulus program? It seems that they have already forgotten that the American People want the wasteful spending to stop, but no … Continue reading

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Does Freedom in America mean strip searching before going to Grandma’s House?

TSA’s John Pistole is a magnificent example of the arrogance of our government employees. For some reason direct involvement with the government seems to indicate to these people that they are somehow superior to all other Americans. I submit to … Continue reading

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A brand new Caucus for our Congress.

It is time for our Congress to establish a new Caucus and all members should become participants; The U.S. Constitution Caucus and the quicker they do it the better off they will be. While doing that they should abandon all of … Continue reading

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