OK – Enough is Enough! Time to GET TOUGH!

Clark Gable

For a long time now a Marine Combat Veteran who is an  assistant coach in Bremerton Washington has been going to the 50 yard line after every game and kneeling on one knee and giving a personal prayer to God! He has not made this a practice for the players but after a while many of them have followed him after every game to the 50 yard line and gave their own personal prayers! He has even had other coaches, and some spectators begin to follow him and make it their own personal business to offer a prayer to God. I have no idea about what they each pray for or about and frankly it is none of my business nor is it anybody else’s business. It is THEIR PERSONAL BUSINESS!

Travesty Coach Kennedy being interviewed by a Seattle TV station recently

Now it seems that some jackass has made it his or her business to complain about this beautiful sight of people volunteering some thoughts to God after every Bremerton High School football game. They simply do not want God even considered on school (public) property! I can tell you for sure that this idea really pisses me off and it should do the same to you. It has been going on for too long now and must be stopped dead in it’s tracks with all the other pompous POLITICAL CORRECTNESS promoted by jackasses currently trying to stir up trouble!

This coach has been ordered to stop this action, but because the action is more important to him than the order he has not stopped.

“District Statement: The District cannot allow an employee while still on duty to engage in religious conduct or display that a reasonable observer, aware of the context, would perceive as district endorsement of religion.”

The Bremerton Superintendent, Aaron Leavell, ED.D has also issued this statement to the Assistant Coach which is “Faith Under Fire” “You violated those directives by engaging in overt, public and demonstrative religious conduct while still on duty.” At this time he was also placed on unpaid Administrative Leave!

It is unconscionable that this could happen in this country to a Marine Combat Veteran, currently employed as an Assistant High School Football Coach! And it also shows clearly to what extent POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is taking it’s toll on our Constitution and on our Freedom in this country.

It is important that you understand what has happened here. The Coach (a Marine Combat Veteran) was doing something that was important to him and not teaching or forcing the players to follow suit! He had been doing it for years! This coach works for the school. He has access to the halls of the school, schoolrooms, locker rooms and the playing field. He could easily walk out to the 50 yard line after every game and stand quietly while praying to God and nobody would have been the wiser. But, no he bends his knee and prays to God and others follow and pray to God and he is punished. It is sad to me that responsibility is given to people like Aaron Leavell, ED.D! This is a man given the responsibility for educating our children and for taking care of Public Property paid for by local citizens and he makes this kind of decision. What a TRAVESTY!

One or possibly a very few people complained even though he was not hurting them or anyone else and he is told to cease and desist! He refuses and is further hurt by The Peoples School System! This is just “flat out” wrong and should not occur in our country! What he did and what the people who followed him did was a beautiful thing and we do not want that kind of beautiful thing destroyed.

This is the danger of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, it allows any jackass who doesn’t like something to complain and some other jackass jumps through hoops for the complainer when he should have just told the complainer  he/she should just take a hike! I don’t care if the complainer is an Atheist, an Agnostic, or just a trouble maker. They can believe any way they want in this country, but they must understand that others are allowed that same FREEDOM in this country also. They do not have to participate! But we have the right to pray anywhere we choose to do so! This great country was founded on Christian principles!

We have groups of people currently marching on property owned by the public who are advocating the killing of law enforcement officers and nothing is done to stop their activity! Then an assistant coach along with other people kneels down to pray on property owned by the public and he is severely punished. We cannot let this kind of dichotomy to continue to happen in this great country or we will no longer be a great country!

I don’t know who is responsible for the complaint against this activity. But I can assure that person or those people who did it should be extremely ashamed of themselves and they should begin to pray to God for forgiveness! Coach Kennedy now must resort to the hiring of a lawyer and fighting this case in the courts if he wants to get his job back. This is the type of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS which is causing our country to need to be such a litigious society! BALDERDASH!!!

Political Correctness is killing this country and it is causing us to take our eye off the REAL BALL! So now it is time to talk about the other end of the spectrum. The rampant disregard for life and property in this great country of ours while at the same time punishing those for private and personal actions protected in our Constitution must be stopped!

In order to properly pose this problem we must start with the facts that all of our major cities and even some not considered major are loaded with gangs. These gangs are of all types and nationalities. They sell dope, they rob and plunder and cause all of the cities enormous problems. These gangs fight amongst themselves beating and killing other gang members. And while doing all of their mayhem they beat and kill many innocent victims. How many times have you seen on the TV or read in the news about small innocent children losing their lives because of the stray bullets from one of the gang “drive by” shosotings? Needless to say it is in our news much too frequently. So what can we do about this?

I will hazard a guess that every police system in every town or city with any gang or gangs can list for you the names of every member of these gangs and their hierarchy. I will hazard another guess that unless the police system in every town or city is inept they will be able to tell you about not only the gangs but any of the criminal element that resides in their community! So we must ask the question, if that is the case then why can’t we put a stop to the needless killing and wanton law breaking that is so damn prevalent. I am sick to death of every time I turn on the TV news I am blasted with an important News Alert that is usually about somebody being killed somewhere in this beautiful country of ours.

We all know that the answer is simple but nothing gets done. Our current POTUS has made it his responsibility to create problems between every class of people living here! Our law enforcement people are being vilified not only by blacks but by many others! These law enforcement people know who is in the gangs, they know who is selling drugs, they know who is pimping for prostitutes and probably have a pretty good idea where most of the illegal weapons are in their towns and cities (at least they have a pretty good idea of just who is likely to carrying). For your information this kind of knowledge is called INTELLIGENCE and is important in every form of warfare!

In order to stop the nonsense going on in this country law enforcement could simply take these gangs off the street and save thousands of lives. So why don’t they. These are the problems when the liberal/Socialist/Communist thinking begins to get a hold in a country. This allows POLITICAL CORRECTNESS to get such a hold that our laws begin to protect the outlaws more than the populace and the victims.

As expected the first thing PROGRESSIVES want to do is take all the guns away from law abiding citizens. And of course then we know that the only people in the country with guns will be the criminal element! And we all know that this just isn’t going to be allowed in this country.

PROBABLE CAUSE, may be two of the nastiest POLITICAL CORRECTNESS words ever uttered and they are at the heart of everything wrong with our criminal justice system. I don’t know what judge first uttered them but when they did they turned the tide in favor of the criminals in this beautiful country of ours! In order to take these criminals off the street the police must rove PROBABLE CAUSE. To prove this to Liberal Judges can be nearly impossible in this day and age.

To get the approval to take down these gangs and criminals and put them behind bars where they belong is nearly impossible. Our law enforcement people have to jump through hoops just to do their jobs. So what happens? The gangs run wild, doing everything they want to do. Unhappy people blame the police and then they demonstrate on public property. And many times their demonstrations include robbing, looting and burning down buildings. And this is usually done with very little consequence to the culprits.

So let me see if I understand this?


But If we rob, kill, sell dope, sell children, rape, beat, demonstrate which includes robbing, burning and looting and requesting death to our cops we get very little or no punishment!

Is it possible that POLITICAL CORRECTNESS  has become more important in America than LAW AND ORDER?

But remember that Law and Order is the most important requirement for any country to embrace in order to be classified as a CIVILIZED COUNTRY!



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Retired, but still spending an inordinant amount of time thinking about all things big and small. I am proud to be a strong constitutional conservative. I am also proud to have been married over 56 years to my wonderful wife, Louise. I continue to be amazed that she has put up with me for such a long time, but have been happy that she decided to do so. "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not," warned Thomas Jefferson.
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