An Education is a Privilege not a RIGHT!

Clark GableThe treatise below by Bill O’Reilly and his staff came at exactly the correct time because I was just settling down to talk about this further travesty to America which has been caused by our Colleges and Universities! When I use the phrase Colleges and Universities I don’t mean all of them, but I do believe that the majority have lots of bad eggs in their midst. The bad eggs that exist are and will continue to create a very bad stench in this country. We are actually paying people to educate our children in the art of ANARCHY.

The problem has also been caused by Blah Blah Oblahma, his administration, Al Sharpton and Blah Blah’s other favorite race baiters.

By this time all people should be aware that Blah Blah’s bible is Saul D. Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” I cannot verify this but have heard reports that many Universities are now actually teaching this terrible philosophy.

About 20 years ago my wife and I took a drive to a new college that had recently been built close to our home. That college was  the California State University at San Marcos. During our short visit we went into the University book store. About the only books I could find there were books on multiculturalism. I was unable to find any books about America or our history. When we left I told my wife that things were going to get very bad in our country in the future. I actually told her that as bad as it sounded we were going to see rioting and destruction in the streets of our cities. And that we would see very bad things happen at and in our colleges and universities!

Our colleges and universities have been espousing very little of substance except multiculturalism and political correctness!  I cannot verify this but have heard reports that many Universities actually teach this horrible philosophy of Saul Alinsky. Those that do obviously believe that “Rules For Radicals” goes hand in hand with multiculturalism and political correctness!

The radical Progressive Liberals who have been teaching this crap have been too stupid to understand that it could backfire on them and on the less fortunate in our society! Most college students today are probably better educated about this meaningless drivel than they are about our history and our constitution. IF YOU TEACH AND PREACH ANARCHY YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS INEVITABLE THAT YOU WILL CREATE ANARCHY AND YOU WILL PROBABLY PAY THE PRICE PERSONALLY!

The following paper by Bill O’Reilly and his staff states the problem quite well but I will make some personal comments on the paper. These comments will be highlighted for ease of reading and so that you know what Bill et al wrote and what I wrote.  At the end of his paper I will put forth some of the things I would do if I was in charge of these problem schools!

Fascism 101 – By Staff – Thursday, Nov 12, 2015

It took a mere instant for Melissa Click to establish herself as the scowling, angry face of left-wing intolerance on college campuses. Click, of course, is the University of Missouri professor who requested ‘some muscle’ to help remove a journalist who was documenting a protest.  

She was doing this even though the journalist was not breaking any laws and was within his rights. He stood his ground pretty well but was forcibly pushed back from where she was! She has since apologized (to whom I do not know) and has resigned from her job!

The scene may have reminded movie fans of Frankie Pientangeli begging Michael for ‘muscle’ to get rid of those nasty Rosato brothers in The Godfather Part II.

But back to reality and the sad fact that there are thousands of Melissa Clicks on our campuses. They are desperately searching for some excuse, any excuse, to use their two favorite words: ‘Shut up!’ If you disagree with them on any number of issues – race, climate change, radical Islam, immigration, even Halloween costumes – these modern Mussolinis demand that you just keep quiet.

As a slight bow to the First Amendment, some schools have actually set up tiny and obscure ‘free speech zones,’ reserved for lonely outcasts who wish to express an opinion not in line with prevailing doctrine.

This has been a foolish needless procedure because the entire property of any public college is a free speech zone.

Speaking of the Bill of Rights, it seems a lot of self-styled ‘progressives’ would prefer that it be cut by about 20%. Of course the Second Amendment is always, pardon the expression, under fire. And now the First Amendment and its guarantee of freedom of expression has become an enemy to many on the left.

After all, if Madison, Jefferson, and their comrades had not stressed the importance of unfettered speech, we could emulate those European nations where it is a crime to insult certain groups, especially religions that begin with the letter ‘I.’

So now we witness students at the University of Missouri demanding, and obtaining, the scalp (sorry!) of the school’s president. He was guilty of ‘inaction’ or some such crime against humanity. Meanwhile, at Yale, a professor was viciously and verbally abused by students for worrying that universities ‘have become places of censure and prohibition.’

Amid the chaos there are a few glimmers of hope. An editorial at Harvard called out the Yalies as ‘fascists,’ and The Daily Princetonian also ran a piece ridiculing the Yale protesters. But Yale’s president cowered in fear and wrote some jibberish about ‘fostering diversity.’ Truth is, there are few species in this world more cowardly than campus administrators. Their knee-jerk reaction to controversy is to apologize, form committees, and speak platitudes.

This is also true of government politicians, they just run around speaking about the problems in our country but doing little or nothing about those problems. They are brilliant at espousing problems but not very good at developing solutions.

Want to understand what’s going on at some of our leading institutions of higher learning? Look no farther than Ithaca College in New York State, where every year of indoctrination costs parents north of $50,000. The school has proudly announced it will shell out vast sums on a diversity plan that includes a ‘safe space’ for multicultural students. Ithaca also created the new position of ‘Chief Diversity Officer.’ The salary has not been made public, but no doubt it is well into the six figures. Placating angry mobs doesn’t come cheap.

After that diversity issue is fully resolved, Ithaca may wish to revisit its nickname. ‘Bombers’ has a very militaristic tone, reminding one of the B-52s that were American tools of hegemonic and patriarchal oppression during the Cold War. Well, maybe they can fight the mascot wars another day.

The point has been made that today’s students, especially those attending elite schools, were raised to believe that America has generally been an oppressive and unfair place. Many administrators pretty much agree with that notion – after all, you don’t climb the slippery academic ladder by wearing a U.S. flag on your lapel. Patriotism is just so yesterday!

And now it’s time for universities to begin the process of inviting high-profile commencement speakers, and to consider which eminent folks are worthy of honorary degrees. In both cases, conservative thinkers are pretty much off limits. Why stir up the young fascists and give them another reason to protest and lament ‘their pain?’

Outside speakers have actually been one of the problems causing this Anarchy.  As an example Bill and Hillary Clinton have made small fortunes peddling their bullshit while walking away with thousands of dollars. It boggles the mind that university money can be used to pay thousands of dollars to hear them and others like them for making 20 to 30 minute speeches!  

There can be absolutely no doubt that the modern university, with its ‘safe spaces’ and ‘trigger warnings’ and ‘micro-aggressions,’ has been created by the radical left. And now, to borrow from Reverend Wright, these fascistic chickens have come home to roost.

All of this chaos brings to mind the famous Pottery Barn rule that was invoked by Colin Powell when talking about Iraq. That same rule now applies to progressives and the world of academia. ‘You broke it … you own it!’

Now what are some simple solutions that should be taken when any college or university begins to have this problem?

Please understand that if actions are not taken we will see more of the anarchy currently happening. We are probably going to see some colleges in this country burning, some possibly to the ground and probably sooner than later. Those in charge of our colleges and universities should follow these few simple rules relative to their facilities.

  1. Identify the problem, and especially those causing the problems including the faculty members teaching and preaching this Anarchy!  And stop hiring anarchists as teachers or instructors.
  2. Then make a determination of those students in the anarchist group on college scholarships.
    1. Inform them that because they don’t seem to want to attend this college as it has been established that their scholarships are being cancelled and they are being expelled.
      1. They have every right to free speech but they do not have the right to attempt to overthrow the colleges hierarchy especially if they are being granted scholarships! This is tantamount to being paid to disrupt all other students education.
    2. In essence send them back home to their parents. Before actually cancelling their scholarships and sending them home give them one chance to mend their ways.
    3. This process also includes all athletes on scholarship  who are supporting anarchy movements on their school (as was done recently at the University of Missouri). They should be treated the same way. One warning and then cancel the scholarships and send them home. You may lose a few games but you may be able to retain your college!
    4. Stop inviting and paying known radicals to come to the college and lecture to the students. If your professors and instructors are not sufficient to teach the students you should close down your institution.
    5. Let’s face it nearly all of our colleges have been infected with the Progressive, liberal, communist thought processes and until some semblance of reason and balance is brought back to our colleges the anarchists will overcome. Those at the top in these colleges will not last and the institutions will be run by the crazies! The inmates are now very close to having the power to run the ASYLUMS!

It really is time to begin to teach again the greatness of America and to teach the importance of a TRUE EDUCATION! I will not ask you to rid the campus of all of Saul Alinsky’s writing but I will ask you to stop teaching it as the Gospel to our way of life. We have had to endure an Administration with this latest POTUS and his administration who actually believe these Alinsky’s crazy but effective procedures for destroying the GREATEST NATION EVER ON THIS EARTH!

Recently I wrote about the travesty happening to an assistant football coach in Bremerton, Washington. Hopefully you can see that these two Blog postings are related. When the anarchists win the good people in our society will be those punished, not the criminals and the anarchists! You can take a look at this travesty at this location; Read that Blog posting here


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