It is obvious that the Oblahmas consider themselves to be American Royalty!


The Presidency is a job. It is a 24/7 challenge that most human beings could not handle. The proof of this is readily displayed by every president ever photographed. Look at the before and after. Countless gray hairs, wrinkles, dark circles – those are all the remnants of four to eight years spent in the Oval Office. Everyone accepting the role understands what they are taking on. However, during the four years of the Obama presidency, it has seemed as though there is always a good reason to take vacation after vacation, putting it on the tab of the U.S. taxpayer. Holding the most essential job on the planet does not come with extended leisure time.

Apparently, the Obama’s never got the memo.

It began just months after Barack Obama was inaugurated. During the campaign, Obama had promised Michelle that, if he won, he would take her on a date…

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Retired, but still spending an inordinant amount of time thinking about all things big and small. I am proud to be a strong constitutional conservative. I am also proud to have been married over 56 years to my wonderful wife, Louise. I continue to be amazed that she has put up with me for such a long time, but have been happy that she decided to do so. "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not," warned Thomas Jefferson.
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